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Last updated: May 1, 2018

Hong Kong Boating Industry Association Limited (Hong Kong BIA) Privacy Policy Statement

Our Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Hong Kong BIA to meet all the requirements of the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”. We put in place appropriate systems and ensure compliance by our staff with the standards of security and confidentiality prescribed by law.

This Statement explains our privacy practice.

Collection of Personal Information

We will occasionally collect personal information of members and industry contacts for specific purposes. Such purposes may include maintaining of our database with accurate and correct details, or for the processing of complaints, enquiries, feedback or the processing of membership for the HKBIA.

In addition to the specific purposes, where personal information is provided by you, we may occasionally use such information to send you eNewsletters, promotional and new service updates and invitations to events hosted, sponsored or promoted by the Hong Kong BIA, if you agree. You may choose to opt-out from receiving such materials.

Some of the information will be gathered through the use of “cookies”. Cookies are small bits of information that are automatically stored on a web browser that can be retrieved by the sites visited. You may be requested to enable these cookies setting on your browser. Our use of this technology does not mean that we automatically know any information about you. Your acceptance of our cookie in no way gives us access to your computer.


We will use secured encryption systems as appropriate when collecting personal information over the Internet.

Any personal information we receive from you will not be disclosed by us to any unauthorised third party outside the Hong Kong BIA except as provided herein or with your prior consent. Personal information, whether stored in electronic form or in hard-copy form will only be accessible by our authorised employees or our authorised agents e.g. auditors, contractors, advisers etc. Employees of our Association or our authorised agents designated to handle personal data will be made familar with this Privacy Policy Statement and told how to fulfill our obligations.


This Privacy Statement only applies to the Hong Kong BIA. We shall not be responsible for the privacy and security practices or the content of the websites we linked in this site.

Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Information

Personal information held by us will be kept confidential, save in compliance with the stated purpose of our business, which may include the making public of certain information about our registrants, or to other duly appointed registrars. In addition we may provide such information to:

i) any personnel, agent, adviser, auditor, contractor or service provider who provides services or advice to us in connection with our operations;

ii) any person under a duty of confidentiality to us;

iii) any person to whom we are required to make disclosure under any law applicable in or outside of Hong Kong.

You should note that as we have no control over the acts of any third party, the Privacy Policy Statement ceases to apply to any information that has been disclosed to a third party in accordance with this policy. We endeavour to deal only with responsible third parties but assume no responsibility for the privacy protection provided by such third parties.

Data Retention

Personal information you provide to us will be retained for such period as may be necessary for the carrying out of the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy Statement or as otherwise specified at the time of collection.

Personal Information Access and Correction

You have the right to request access to and correction of information about you held by us. If you wish to exercise this right, please submit your enquiry or request to our Data Protection Officer by e-mail to

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