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  • 15 Feb 2021 14:49 | The Chair (Administrator)

    The following letter was issued to Mr. Chan Fan, Frank, JP (Secretary of Transport and Housing), Hon. Frankie Yick Chi-Ming, SBS, JP (Chairman of the Panel of Transport) and Ms Carol Yuen (Director of Marine).

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  • 1 Feb 2021 06:56 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    Please refer to the latest Government rules for Private Moorings and the expansion of Private Moorings in designated areas in Sai Kung. 



    New Mooring rules 2021.pdf


  • 28 Jan 2021 06:13 | The Chair (Administrator)

    HKBIA would like to bring to the attention of members, who have pleasure vessels insured with CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited, a situation which may affect the insurance coverage.

    The situation occurred in early 2020 when an open speed boat was stolen from a mooring in Tai Tam Bay. The craft was tied up to its mooring buoy with two rope mooring lines, as all our members craft on swing moorings are, when the complete boat was stolen.

    The owner has had his insurance claim for the theft of the speed boat rejected by the CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited. In the letter to the owner from CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited they state that;

    The CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited wish to clarify that the reference to “Securely moored” in the Policy Schedule not only appears in Warranty 8. “Typhoon Warranty (Signal No, #) (Or upwards) but also in Warranty 7. “Mooring Warranty”, which stipulates “It is warranted that, whenever not is use, the insured vessel shall be securely moored at the mooring place specified in the Schedule and all equipment, loose gear or sails, if any, shall be safely kept in a secure place.” The insured vessel should at all times be securely moored when not in use. With respect, to moor a boat to a buoy using rope is just a normal method of attachment. As mentioned the police recommend pleasure craft owner to install suitable alarm system on board and secure the craft with stronger steel chain or anchor to prevent theft. Since you had not taken any of the aforementioned measures, we fail to see the insured craft was securely moored at the time of the loss.




    招商局永隆保險有限公司於保險單中的附錄表已載 “船隻安全係泊浮泡” 指引不但在保險賠償條款8中提及, “颱風保險(颱風訊號#)  (或以上同時亦在保險賠償條款7 “碇泊泡保險賠償” 中列明 “受保船艇在任何非使用時都需牢固繫於指定碇泊地方及所有船上用品不穩固安裝之工具, 船帆及其它物件存放於安全地方”. 受保船艇如非使用必需全時間安全碇泊. 關於只將船艇用繩纜繫於碇泊泡為一般做法依據條款說明香港警方建議遊艇東主於船上安裝適當防盜警報系統及使用鋼鏈將船艇下錨以防盜走由於 閣下沒有依從指引規定本司看不到當該艇被盜走時船東己做妥防盜措施.

    The reference to the Police leaflet made by the CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited is copied below;



    In effect the CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited will not pay the claim for the stolen speed boat as the boat was not fitted with an alarm and it was not secured to the mooring with a stronger steel chain or anchor. 

    Using the worldwide method of tying the boat up to the mooring buoy with mooring ropes appears to be not considered by the CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited as a secure method of mooring to a mooring buoy.

    The HKBIA therefore advises all members with insurance coverage with the CMB Wing Lung Insurance Company Limited to check with the company whether the members craft is insured when tied up with rope mooring lines to a club mooring buoy.

    實際效應是招商局永隆保險有限公司拒絕盜竊賠償, 皆因該遊艇沒防盜裝置及沒有使用鋼鏈繫於碇泊處或下錨.


    因此香港遊艇工業總會建議所有會員如經招商局永隆保險有限公司購買船艇保險時, 應先檢視「用繩纜將船艇繫於認可遊艇會碇泊泡上」是否被納入保單受保的範圍, 方承諾投保。

  • 8 Dec 2020 20:57 | The Chair (Administrator)

    "In view of the development of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the Government has amongst others gazetted directions and specifications under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F) ( and the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G) ( on 30 November 2020 and 1 December 2020 to further tighten the social distancing measures.  The above directions and specifications took effect on 2 December 2020 for a period of 14 days till 15 December 2020. 

    According to the latest directions on scheduled premises under Cap. 599F (, if relevant premises (such as private pleasure vessel) falls under Cap. 599F Schedule 2's stipulation of premises that are maintained or intended to be maintained for hire for holding social gatherings, such premises is required to close till 15 December 2020.  Please refer to the appended link for full details of the latest directions on scheduled premises: 

    According to the latest directions under Cap. 599G (, the number of persons allowed in group gatherings in public places is tightened from 4 to 2 till 15 December 2020.  As covered in our previous reply, a public place is referred to a place where members of the public can get access to from time to time.  If a venue allows access by members of the public from time to time, such venue would fall under the definition of public places.  Hence, the requirements regarding group gatherings of not more than 2 people and a distance of 1.5 metres or more between different groups etc. under the Group Gathering Regulation will be applicable.  On the contrary, if the organisers have ensured sufficient measures/ arrangements on admission/ access control to the venues, which could prevent access of members of the public from time to time, such venues may not be regarded as public places. 

    The Government will review the various measures in place from time to time in accordance with the development of the epidemic situation, and make suitable adjustments taking into account all relevant factors.  For further information and latest updates, please read and regularly visit the COVID-19 thematic website ( 

    Thank you again for your enquiry. "

    Food and Health Bureau 
    8 December 2020

  • 2 Dec 2020 12:09 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Dear HKBIA Members and the Boating Community,

    For the interest of fighting the virus, we strongly urge you to follow the HK Government’s social distancing measures and refrain from hosting parties on pleasure boats. 

    Stay safe,


  • 16 Nov 2020 06:57 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Asia-Pacific Yacht Industry High-Level Forum 2020

    English Online Video Link:

    Asia-Pacific Yacht Industry High-Level Forum 2020

     An integral part of the Macau Yacht Show 2020, the Asia-Pacific Yacht Industry High-Level Forum in recent years has become a key platform for connecting China to the international boating community. Wang Yong, General Manager for the Nam Kwong Group, a mainland Chinese Enterprise which has over 70 years’ experience in operating extensive tourism and leisure platforms in Macau, said in his welcome speech, “the Forum is a great opportunity for the industry to come together to exchange ideas and work together to build a marine culture in the Greater Bay Area (GBA)” - the theme for this year’s presentations.
    Due to travel restrictions, the Forum was a combination of live and virtual presentations, with speakers making live presentations in Macau and Hong Kong, and the other four speakers giving online presentations from China, Australia and Switzerland. The Forum was bi-lingual with live video streaming that focused topics which included: Development of Boating; Cooperation of Yachting Industry and Financial institutions, and Marine Economy with reference to the Greater Bay Area (GBA).
    MCs Andrea Richey in Hong Kong, and Jose Chan Rodrigues in Macau, directed proceedings, with each of the eight speakers giving a 10min presentation in which they shared their expert knowledge and insights.

    Fabiomassimo Discoli (Ferretti Group) was the first to present. He talked about the strength and diversity of the Ferretti Group, which is 86% owned by the Weichai Group, a major mainland manufacturing corporation. One of the world's largest luxury yacht manufacturers, the Ferretti Group is headquartered in Italy where the six Italian shipyards specialise in the design, construction, and sale of luxury motor yachts ranging from 8 to 90 metres in length. Discoli believes Ferretti Group is well placed to promote yachting in China and the GBA.

    Second speaker Lawrence Chow (Hong Kong Boating Industry Association) described the established boating markets of Hong Kong and Macau and their relevance to the GBA as key boating hubs in the region. Chow believes that the developed marine infrastructure, mature boating market and beautiful cruising grounds make Hong Kong the perfect cruising hub in the GBA. However, work needs to be done in the areas of Government advocacy: standardised boat regulations, simplified CIQ processes and more moorings for visiting yachts in Hong Kong is necessary to develop boating in the GBA.
    The final speaker for Session 1 was Stuart Hu (Sanya Central Business District ) who outlined the new developments in Hainan - which is now designated as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Hu, who is now based in Sanya, is working to open up new boating opportunities that encompass a wide range of marine activities including charter, yacht manufacturing, refit and repairs.
    Session 2 explored the cooperation of the yachting industry with financial institutions in the GBA. In Hong Kong, Raphael Beaudrey (Rosemont Trustees (Asia) Ltd highlighted the complexities facing superyacht owners, and the role that Family Wealth Management companies can play. Issues such as statutory and regulatory compliance, crew training, insurance, safety and security all need to be managed: with integrated multi-family office supervision and support the process of owning a superyacht is substantially streamlined.  
    Olivier Blanchet (BNP Paribas Wealth Management) continued with the finance theme by explaining the role of Private Banking in yacht and jet financing. Blanchet outlined the importance of getting the right advice when investing in such high-value and high-profile acquisitions, and how the GBA could become the Asia hub for superyachts in the future, given the growing numbers of HNWIs in the region.
    Session 3 focused on the Marine Economy in the GBA, and Legal Counsel Edwin Liu (Hill Dickinson) explored how the three jurisdictions of Hong Kong, Macau and the GBA can cooperate and develop a synergy based on the extensive marine market that already exists in this region. Liu suggested that Hong Kong, with its unique strength as an international centre for finance, trade and shipping, can serve as a super-connector by bridging the GBA and the rest of China to the international market.
    Leah Trafford (SailGP) from Australia discussed the economic impact of the SailGP event that was hosted in Sydney in February 2020. The high profile and dynamic sailing series is a major game changer in bringing awareness of the sport of sailing to the general public, and in developing marine markets of the GBA. Outlining the media and brand deliverables and the ability to engage a new boating audience, SailGP provides global multi-platform coverage to destinations around the world.
    Final speaker Huan Wen (Chairman, Yacht Industry Association of GBA) had the important role of updating the audience on the latest initiatives being outlined in the  China Central Government’s 5-year programme for the development of boating in the GBA. Changes are being made to policies and regulations concerning private yachts cruising in the region, and reforms are being made to yacht registration, aimed at streamlining procedures and make boating safer and more affordable in the region. The GBA will be the testing zone for many of these policies with the aim growing both the domestic boating market in China and connecting the global yachting community to the GBA.

    10th Macau Yacht Show 2020

    For more information contact:

    Yan Mio:
    Suzy Rayment:

  • 16 Nov 2020 06:50 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Understanding the economies of Hong Kong’s districts

    Between 10% and 35% of the residents of a district work in that district. With jobless numbers rapidly rising, there is an urgent need for Hong Kong’s district councillors to focus on the economies of their constituencies.

    We have produced a booklet offering basic information on industries, jobs and their locations. Download here.

    short video explains how the information can be used to identify new growth opportunities, taken Southern District as an example. 







    我們製作了小冊子,提供18區各區工作數字,行業概覽及公司機構位置等基本資料,供大家作參考 。



  • 2 Oct 2020 14:16 | The Chair (Administrator)

    ICOMIA World Marinas Conference (WMC) Industry Reconnect webinar series will bring you four different sessions, 90 min long, with leading industry panellist and the opportunity for a productive Q&A session.

    ICOMIA WMC Industry Reconnect will run as free to register webinar series, aiming to bring the industry together and provide a forum to discuss pressing topics in the current Covid-19 crisis.

    The webinar series includes the following sessions:

    1. State of the industry around the globe (6th October at 10 am UTC)
    2. Boating and Tourism with Covid19 – what’s next? (13th October at 11 am UTC) 
    3. Technology looking forward (20th October at 11 am UTC)
    4. Vision of CHANGE (27th October at 12 pm UTC) 

    Register now as there is limited space.

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