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  • 19 Jul 2021 06:19 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Date/ Time: 2021-07-28 (tentatively between 1530 and 1730)

    Venue: Officers' Mess 7/F., Aberdeen Marine Base, 28 Shum Wan Road (the seminar will be simultaneously broadcast to other Marine Base venues by ZOOM)


    Electrical Safety and Fire Prevention on Vessels -2021-07-28-Eng_Chi.pdf

    Beyond Boundaries Learning Series (Marine Policing) and Marine Port District have invited honoured guests and experts from Marine Department, Fire Services Department, and Marine Police as speakers to share valuable insight on electrical safety on vessels, fire prevention, and observations on fishing vessels.

    The seminar will cover topics such as industry best practices on managing electrical systems on fishing vessels and, owing to recent fire incidents taking place in Hong Kong waters, case studies on vessel fires and what we can do to prevent such accidents from occurring.

    The sharing session will be hosted by PCRO MPDIST at Aberdeen base and co-organised by the Knowledge Management Marine Policing Team with simultaneous ZOOM broadcasting at Marine Regional Headquarters, Marine North Division, Marine East Division, and Marine West Division bases. 

     水警知識分享無邊界學習系列及海港區 水警知識分享無邊界學習系列及海港區 誠邀來自 海事處、消防處,及警務處之資深 講者一同分享有關船隻電氣安全及火警預防 火警預防 的知識,以及 警務人員日常接觸 警務人員日常接觸 警務人員日常接觸 漁船 時觀察所 時觀察所 得有關電力安全 有關電力安全 的要點 。

    講者 們將會探 將會探 討不同的 討不同的 技術、案例及 最佳實踐方式 最佳實踐方式 最佳實踐方式 ,來協助漁 業界 提升 電氣和防火安全 火安全 意識 ,從而降低意外發生頻率。

    分享會 將會由海港警區警民關係主任及水警知識管理團隊於海港警區基地 海港警區基地 合辦,並利用ZOOM會議向水警總區部 水警總區部 水警總區部 水警總區部 、北分區 北分區 、東分區 東分區 和西分區 西分區 同時 直播

    Electrical Safety and Fire Prevention on Vessels -2021-07-28-Eng_Chi.pdf

  • 6 Jul 2021 06:38 | The Chair (Administrator)


    Fountaine Pajot group is extremely glad to join the active Hong Kong Boat Association and become an equally active member in all aspects promoted by the association. Being one of the world leading group in yacht production, we hope that Fountaine Pajot group will bring extra power toward its designated goals.

    Fountaine Pajot has witnessed the ever-growing demand for boating in the region but also the various hurdles all yards are facing to penetrate the markets, especially in Hong Kong where mooring and berthing availability are now paramount to success. We seek to offer our support to the whole industry and of course to gain visibility through the association for both our sailing range (Dufour Yacht) and our catamaran one (Fountaine Pajot). Being a member of Hong Kong Boating Industry Association is the next obvious move for the group.

    We deeply thank the association for its work and our new membership that we will celebrate in style soon.

    Linkedin: Fountaine Pajot

    Facebook: Fountaine Pajot

    Instagram: fountainepajot

  • 5 Jul 2021 06:37 | The Chair (Administrator)


    Asia Pacific Boating embraces a progressive narrative towards luxury yachting and marine conservation, bridging the gap between a new generation of ocean lifestyle advocates, and traditional yachting industry pioneers. Our 360 degree approach signals our publication’s commitment to a user-centric digital future, connecting an UHNW readership across the indo-pacific region to the latest exclusive conversations and inspirational content.

    Our marine directory is the latest addition to our ever-growing community, offering an additional platform for our partners to showcase their brand and services. Inspire our digital readers and be discovered by an audience specifically searching for marine services. Contact us to be involved in this exclusive community.

    Linkedin: Asia-Pacific Boating

    Facebook: Asia-Pacific Boating

    Instagram: asiapacificboating_mag

  • 7 Jun 2021 08:28 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Food and Health Bureau:

    In view of the development of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the Government has gazetted directions and specifications under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F) and the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G) on 26 May 2021 to maintain the social distancing measures currently in place.  The above directions and specifications has taken effect on 27 May 2021 for a period of 14 days till 9 June 2021 (

    Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F)

            According to the latest directions on scheduled premises under Cap. 599F (, if relevant premises (such as private vessel) falls under Cap. 599F Schedule 2's stipulation of premises that are maintained or intended to be maintained for hire for holding social gatherings, such premises may be open subject to relevant requirements and restrictions till 9 June 2021.  Please refer to the link for full details of the latest directions on scheduled premises:

    Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G)

            According to the latest directions under Cap. 599G (, the number of persons allowed in group gatherings in public places is maintained at 4 till 9 June 2021.  Group gatherings in public places not specified in Schedule 1 to the Group Gathering Regulation or permitted by the Chief Secretary for Administration are prohibited.  Public places refer to places where members of the public can get access to from time to time.  If venues , including private property, allow access by members of the public from time to time, such venues would fall under the definition of public places and hence the requirements regarding group gatherings of not more than 4 people and a distance of 1.5 metres or more between different groups etc. under the Group Gathering Regulation will be applicable.  If the venue does not fall within the definition of a public place, then a group gathering may not be prohibited under the Regulation.  In such case, the organisers should ensure sufficient measures/arrangements on admission/access control to the venues, which could prevent access of members of the public from time to time, so that the venues would not fall within the definition of public place under section 2 of the Regulation.

            The scope of Cap. 599G has been extended to prohibit group gatherings at non-public places of scheduled premises regulated under Cap. 599F.  Accordingly, for all the group gatherings in premises regulated under Cap. 599F, the participants must comply with the relevant group gathering requirements and restrictions specified under Cap. 599F in order to be exempted under Cap. 599G.  If the group gathering related requirement or restriction under Cap. 599F is breached, such group gathering at the premises would not be exempted under Cap. 599G.  Enforcement agents would consider whether to issue fixed penalty notices or initiate prosecution against those who breach Cap. 599G depending on actual circumstances, such as whether Cap. 599G directions is violated, whether relevant persons had taken reasonable steps to ensure group gathering related requirements and restrictions under Cap. 599F are complied with etc.

            The Government is considering the next phase of the gradual return to normality under the new direction in fighting the epidemic, taking into account the need for further incentives to encourage vaccination.  We will review the various measures in place from time to time in accordance with the development of the epidemic situation, and make suitable adjustments taking into account all relevant factors.  For further information and latest updates, please read and regularly visit the COVID-19 thematic website (

            Thank you again for your enquiry.

    Food and Health Bureau

  • 4 Jun 2021 06:59 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Manifest Marketing Ltd (MML) has completed its acquisition of Storm 

    Force Marine Ltd (SFML), with SFML becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of 

    MML, completing a three month transition period.

    Bryan Van Dale has taken the position of Managing Director of Storm 

    Force Marine Ltd. Bryan has a long history in Hong Kong and via his 

    company MML has very strong links into vertical and particularly 

    government markets in Hong Kong. MML has in fact been a long term 

    customer of SFML prior to this acquisition.

    Graham Parkes has transferred from MML and is now in charge of day to 

    day operations at SFML as the new General Manager.  Graham has a 34 year 

    history in Hong Kong including 14 years with MML where he has handled 

    project-based sales of high-end systems and equipment to various Hong 

    Kong Government departments.

    Danny Li  (Engineering) and Azam Mohammad (Logistics) remain with SFML 

    and both will continue to support SFML's customers and suppliers going 


    As part of the acquisition process some non core brands have been passed 

    on to a new company, Xieite Limited, headed by long term Hong Kong 

    resident James Pearson. Lists of the brands retained by Storm Force 

    Marine and those now passed on to be handled by Xieite are attached.  

    Storm Force Marine and Xieite are committed to work together to support 

    their customers going forwards.

    This is an exciting time: SFML has had a broad market selling to 

    hundreds of trade customers in Hong Kong, China and regionally, 

    primarily technical products from suppliers like Sleipner, Victron 

    Energy, Frigomar, Advanced Systems Group, Whale, Gianneschi, Groco 

    amongst forty others. With the MML acquisition the vertical market 

    possibilities are also opened up which should lead to an expansive 

    future for SFML under its new management and ownership.

    Xieite specialises in the more retail, sailing and outdoor pursuits 

    orientated brands, and will be selling through their new dedicated 


    The previous principals of Storm Force Marine, Louise Connolly and Simon 

    Boyde, are working in a consulting role to both SFML and Xieite going 

    forwards and are actively assisting the new owners and managers of Storm 

    Force Marine and Xieite as the transition completes. They will continue 

    to do so even after they relocate to Europe to pursue other interests.

    Storm Force Marine:

    Primary contact for sales and support enquiries via


    Prime contact for company queries, billing, accounts

    Address and phone numbers for Storm Force Marine remain unchanged.

    Media Queries

    Graham Parkes, General Manager

    +852 2866-0114


    Primary contact for sales and support enquiries via

    Prime contact for company queries, billing,  accounts, media:

    James Pearson


    Office A, 10F, Lee Tung Commercial Building, 91-97 Jervois Street, 

    Sheung Wan, HONG KONG

    Telephone: +852 5277 9972

    Storm Force Marine Brands.pdf

    Xieite Brands.pdf

  • 14 Apr 2021 06:11 | The Chair (Administrator)

    For more details - please refer to the Agenda from the link below:


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