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  • 20 Dec 2021 09:42 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Asia Marine joins HKBIA as a Platinum Member!

    With over 20 years' experience in the yachting industry, ASIAMARINE is headquatered in Hong Kong, with offices in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. ASIAMARINE sells new and pre-owned yachts and manages them for their owners. We are the pioneer in the Luxury Yachts Rental in Hong Kong since 2013, ASIAMARINE operates a fine fleet of modern luxury yachts available for rental. Our core business covers:

    Sales: new and brokerage yachts

    Luxury Yacht Charter: Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea etc. 

    Yacht Management: Providing exceptional management service in Asia - Pacific region

  • 19 Dec 2021 10:04 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Absolute Yachts joins HKBIA as a Gold Member!

    Absolute Spa designs and builds luxury yachts from 47 up to 73 feet in the Navetta, Flybridge and Coupé ranges. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Podenzano, Piacenza (Italy).

    Absolute is independent both financially and in management. The different phases of studying, planning, and production are developed internally thanks to ourunique combination of experienced professionals in the yachting industry. Absolute is renowned internationally thanks to our network of dealers working hand-in-hand with the company and being committed to its principles.

    Absolute is the symbol for experience, innovation, and practicality with yachts appreciated all around the world. Today, the company has solidified its place inside the yachting industry globally by winning several international awards for the design and architectural characteristics of our models.

  • 9 Nov 2021 05:50 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Webinar on “Career Opportunities of the Local Vessel Sector” (「本地船舶業的工作機遇」organized by the Maritime Services Training Board of VTC will be conducted on 24 November 2021 (Wednesday) from 2:00pm to 3:30pm.  

    Interested parties may use this link or scan the QR code below for online registration on or before 17 November 2021.  Those who have registered to the event will receive the link for access to the Webinar two days in advance.   For details of the event, please refer to the e-leaflet below.   Thank you.  

  • 22 Aug 2021 07:15 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Asia Yacht Press (AYP) has done it again! After a long period of Covid-delayed gestation, AYP are delighted to announce the arrival of a second edition of ‘Cruising Hong Kong’. “We sold out of the first edition, and were still getting enquiries” said Guy Nowell, “so we did it all over again!”

    Cruising Hong Kong is a lavishly illustrated voyage around the coastlines, bays, anchorages, and even water-accessible restaurants of Hong Kong. It’s v1.2, not vNew. It’s not a pilot – it doesn’t claim to be that detailed or comprehensive (although there have been suggestions…). It’s an informative cruise around the truly beautiful Hong Kong coastline, with a smidgen of history and some highly scenic geology thrown in, as well as information on charts, safety, local rules and regulations, speed limits, fuel docks and a great deal more.

    "Cruising Hong Kong will fill a gaping hole in any Hong Kong boating enthusiast’s bookshelf. Whilst it is true that this is a visual treat (Guy Nowell is not only a yachting photographer of some renown, but also a keen sailor with an intimate knowledge of Hong Kong's waters), this is much more than a coffee table publication. The team at Asia Yacht Press must be congratulated for producing a work that both inspires and informs. The book is packed with practical information and as such is a "must have" for anyone remotely interested in boating in Hong Kong." (Roger Eastham, former Marine Manager, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club).

    In a pocket-sized space, Hong Kong offers some of the most wonderful cruising grounds imaginable, and you’re never far from anywhere, even if it feels like it. The city is always just around the corner, but easily forgotten. This is truly ‘world-class water’. If you know, and have forgotten, you need Cruising Hong Kong. If you are new here and want to explore, you need Cruising Hong Kong. And if you have never cruised Hong Kong, you are missing out. Pay a visit: we have the guide.

    A must for every boat’s saloon, bridge, or wheelhouse: HK$460 (US$59) plus p+p.

    Copies can be ordered direct from Asia Yacht Press or online at or

  • 10 Aug 2021 06:28 | The Chair (Administrator)


    Use of Motorised Board

    • Ø  現時,在香港海面上使用未领有牌照的機械推動的海上裝置(包括裝的滑浪),都可《商船(本地船隻)條例》及其附法例,及其法例。

    At present, using unlicensed Motorised conveyances (including surfboard with engine) in Hong Kong Water may commit an offence under Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) Ordinance and/ or its subsidiary legislation and other relevant legislation.

    • Ø  機械推動的海上裝置的電池質,有可會漏電或過熱(尤在充電時),引警或其它意外

    The quality of batteries of Motorised Board varies. The batteries may leak or overheat, particularly during charging, which may cause fire or other accidents.

  • 9 Aug 2021 06:57 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Please find the Secretary for Development's response for HKBIA's Industry Report :


    於七月十九日收到之行業報告書. 本局己跟”躍動港島南辨事處(IISO)”協調及一併回覆.

    謝謝分享該報告書. 其導出香港優閒遊艇工業近況資料及具前瞻性. 所關心事項亦為海事處之工作範籌, 明白此報告書巳與該部門分享.

    政府於2020年施政報告中提及其一重要發展項目為活化南區,以開發及擴建香港仔避風塘範圍, 增加船隻停泊區及陸上設施以配合需要. IISO現正與海港工程, 土木工程拓展署共同研究技術上可行之策略, 深入了解及加速進行制定初步工程設計項目. IISO同時亦與政府跨部門合作以增加土地設施及勾劃發展鴨利洲海旁活動空間, 包括龍舟存放區用以推廣水上友誼文化.

    觀塘避風塘方面, 政府明白仍需永久給予本港各類船艇平日於不尋常天氣底下棲息之用. 因此可能局部限制設計成為遊艇停泊專用區. 我們相信海事處會發表該部門對此看法. 在 閣下建議篇幅8.2中提及發展各類水上運動和水上康樂活動, 正與我們介紹及提昇香港水上友誼活動之決心接軌. 例如, 本局已準許多個水上運動組織於官塘避風塘用地以作陸上支援活動之用. 相信 閣下對政府提議在石澳石礦場復修後興建水上綜合運動中心有著濃厚興趣. 詳情可於網上溜覽於2021年七月八日遞交南區議會文件.

  • 9 Aug 2021 05:15 | The Chair (Administrator)

    The HKBIA has shared the latest Industry Report to the HKSAR Government’s Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (PICO). The report highlights the key issues the leisure boating industry has been facing and suggests various ways the government could help.

    For the full report – please use the following link (HKBIA Member’s Only):


    Extract from Industry Report:

    The same report was shared to:

    Michael Wong, Secretary for Development

    Rosalind Cheung, Harbour Office

    Brenda Au Kit-ying, Invigorating Island South

    Alan Tang Kai Yan, Port  Works, CEDD


    Caspar Tsui, Secretary for Home Affairs

    Yeung Tak Keung, Sports Commissioner

    Dorothy Cheung, Recreation and Sports Branch


    Frank Chan, Secretary for Transport and Housing

    Carol Yuen, Director of Marine


    Edward Yau, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development

    Vivian Sum, Commissioner for Tourism



    如欲留覽報告書詳盡內容請下載以下連結 (只限會員):



    香港遊艇工業總會(HKBIA) 乃代表本港優閒遊艇工業各相關行業由船艇建造, 經銷轉讓, 遊艇管理, 租賃, 配件批發及零售, 遊艇俱樂部, 專業訓導, 船帆及布藝製作, 技術及專業服務以至專業媒體. 香港實為全亞洲市場之詡楚. 因應疫情的關係,令社會各界對水上活動產生莫大興趣, 遊艇行業亦得已推廣和提昇。

    本報告書列出優閒遊艇工業大綱, 背景, 業界發展現正面對之挑戰及建議政府支持本行業繼績發展.


    香港由一小漁村開始發展至現有濃厚海洋歷史及文化.皆因其海洋根源, 海外線與地理環境有助香港發展成為亞洲重要自由港,經濟中心及航運樞紐.而現在,更具備相應之機遇讓香港進一步發展成為亞洲優閒遊艇市場領導者.




    1. 避風停泊區極端缺乏。
    2. 可接觸水上活動之相關基建和運輸交通不足。
    3. 現有「人群聚集及社交距離法例」下, [優閒遊艇租賃]與[派對房間] 應屬不同分類, 加以明確劃分.


    我們歡迎政府對行業之幫助與支持, 對行業發展,社交,經濟以至環保均有裨益.



    1. 發展及完善公用遊艇停泊設施及擴建避風塘以增加訂泊浮泡放置.
    2. 擴建相關設施、交通運輸,以發展各項水上運動、活動
    3. 在現有群體活動法例下, 應將 「優閒遊艇租賃」與「 派對房間」] 應屬不同分類, 加以明確劃分.
    4. 訂立持久支持規則, 幫助香港發展成為優閒遊艇活動中心.

    本會致力提昇行業安全,倡議持續發展及推廣優閒遊艇活動。香港己非只建基航運及漁業上, 其優秀海港實為城市脈搏, 應使海洋優閒活動廷伸至仍未發展之領域.


    黃偉倫, 發展局局長

    張敏宜, 發展局首席助理秘書長(海港)

    區潔英, 躍動港島南辨事處總監

    鄧啟思, 海港工程, 土木工程拓展署

    徐英偉, 民政事務局局長

    楊德強, 體肓專員

    張寶諒, 康樂及體育科

    陳帆, 運輸及房屋局局長

    袁小惠, 海事處處長

    邱騰華, 商務及經濟發展局局長

    沈鳳君, 旅遊事務專員

  • 2 Aug 2021 07:45 | The Chair (Administrator)

    Lantau Yacht Club (“LYC / Club”) is pleased to roll out the first yachtcation package for yachting aficionados this summer. In the most popular yachting season of the year, yachting lovers are now offered a rare opportunity to try out the new state-of-the-art LYC marina and our premium service at our exclusive Club.

    The number of pleasure yachts in Hong Kong saw impressive growth since the pandemic outbreak – the number of pleasure vessels increased by over 580 in 2020 alone and more locals are getting into yachting. Pleasure yachts are now considered a private and safe space away from the crowd, and where people can spend quality time with friends and family.

    “LYC is excited to launch the first-ever yachtcation package offered by yacht clubs in Hong Kong. With the recent travel restrictions, many people who used to spend weeks on their yachts overseas during summer now enjoy yachting in Hong Kong. This is a great opportunity for them to explore different yachting locations, especially the western and southern waters of Hong Kong. While berthed at LYC, yacht owners can also enjoy all the offerings Discovery Bay can provide, such as beach fun at Tai Pak Beach or the leisurely ambience with a drink at the alfresco dining hub D’Deck,” said Ms Charlotte Ho, Director of Hospitality Marketing and Membership of Auberge Hospitality, the hospitality arm of Hong Kong Resort Co. Ltd.

    The LYC Yachtcation Package includes ONE night wet berthing in our Marina, with four-course dinner for TWO and complimentary sparkling wine at Caffè Napoli in LYC, and two complimentary transfers within Discovery Bay. The package prices vary according to size of yachts and choices of menus. Visitors can also book a spa treatment at Spa Botanica of Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong at a special rate of 15% off.

    In fact, LYC has been receiving a number of Visiting Members who spoke highly of the facilities and quality of the Marina as well as the impeccable service of our staff.

    “It's the best marina in Hong Kong with excellent facilities and supportive staff. Its location also offers the convenience to sail around Lantau where I can stay active in the great waters year round,” said Mr. Metz who brought his boat to LYC for multiple times.

    "I really appreciate the efficiency and friendliness of the front desk staff who got out of their way to take care of the members. We especially enjoyed the serene and peaceful atmosphere at LYC,” commented Ms. Bernadette who came with her family for a couple of times.

    LYC Yachtcation Packages from HK$2,200, including:

    • 1 Overnight Wet Berthing with Complimentary WIFI

    • 4-Course Dinner for 2 Plus Complimentary Sparkling Wine at Caffè Napoli

    • Free Use of Tennis Courts, with Shower Facilities Available

    • 15% Off on Spa Treatments & the Best Available Room Rate at the Seaside Resort Hotel, Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong

    • 2 Complimentary Transfers within Discovery Bay

    • Discovery Bay DIY Tour with DB Shopping Directory and Hiking Guidebook Provided

    For reservation and enquiry: +852 2987 9591 /

    Remark: The rate quoted above is for yacht size up to 10 metres. Prices vary according to the lengths of yachts and choices of menus. Other terms & conditions apply.


    The LYC Marina boasts 148 berths ranging from 10 m - 60 m. 

    The LYC Clubhouse and the seaside lawn

    Caffè Napoli 

    Ms Charlotte Ho

    Director of Hospitality Marketing and Membership of Auberge Hospitality



    Ms Bernadette & Family

    Mr. Metz

  • 21 Jul 2021 06:22 | The Chair (Administrator)

    The Boater group of companies comprises a highly successful brokerage, the ubiquitous Boater, and a charter company, Taipan Charters, both noted for their excellent service, fair business practices and dedication to all things nautical.


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