Use of Motorised Board

10 Aug 2021 06:28 | The Chair (Administrator)


Use of Motorised Board

  • Ø  現時,在香港海面上使用未领有牌照的機械推動的海上裝置(包括裝的滑浪),都可《商船(本地船隻)條例》及其附法例,及其法例。

At present, using unlicensed Motorised conveyances (including surfboard with engine) in Hong Kong Water may commit an offence under Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) Ordinance and/ or its subsidiary legislation and other relevant legislation.

  • Ø  機械推動的海上裝置的電池質,有可會漏電或過熱(尤在充電時),引警或其它意外

The quality of batteries of Motorised Board varies. The batteries may leak or overheat, particularly during charging, which may cause fire or other accidents.

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