New Council for Hong Kong BIA - 香港遊艇業總會新理事會

7 Apr 2018 19:36 | The Chair (Administrator)

New Council for Hong Kong BIA - 香港遊艇業總會新理事會

After four months of hard work the Hong Kong Boating Industry Association (HKBIA) is now up and established, with a Council being elected at the AGM held on 28 March 2018. Acting Chairman Simon Boyde then gave an update on the legal standing of the Hong Kong BIA, and the Acting Treasurer Louise Connolly reported on the financial position and the number of members. A strong turn out of company representatives then elected a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, along with the eight sectorial representatives. The membership then approved the Aims and Objects incorporating Industry Sectors for the following year and confirmed that the nominations which had were received 21 days before the meeting were approved.

經過四個月後的努力HKBIA終於起步並正式建立。在2018328日的周年會儀中成立理事會。 執行主席Simon Boyde,向眾人解釋HKBIA的法律地位,執行財務主席Louise Connolly則提交財政報告及會員人數。當天參與議會的人數眾多,同時選出主席,副主席,司庫,秘書及八名行業會員代表。 會員通過‘宗旨和目標’ 及組成了行業代表。就議會在21天前收到提名人的名單,選出理事會和和行業代表名單如下.

The Council positions are:

Chair: Simon Boyde, Storm Force Marine

Deputy Chair: Lawrence Chow, China Pacific Marine

Treasurer: Louise Connolly, Storm Force Marine

Secretary: Vincent Yeung, Ince and Co


主席: Simon Boyde, Storm Force Marine

副主席: Lawrence Chow, China Pacific Marine

司庫: Louise Connolly, Storm Force Marine

秘書: Vincent Yeung, Ince and Co

The 8 Sector Representatives are:

Builders/Yards/Manufacturers: Paul Blanc, Groupe Beneteau

Boat Charter/Yacht Management: Bryan Tse, Anglo Eastern

Shops/Distributors: Andrew Chan, Ronsil Development

Marinas/Clubs/Training Organisations: Alan Reid, RHKYC

Boat Brokers: Baggy Sartape, Asia Boating

Technical Services/Repairs/Installations: Genevieve Mok, Man Lee Tat

Professional/Surveying/Transportation/Safety Service: Richard Lamble, MSES

Media/PR: Suzy Rayment, Asia Yacht Press


承建商,遊艇維修廠,製造商: Paul Blanc, Groupe Beneteau

遊艇租賃,遊艇管理: Bryan Tse, Anglo Eastern

遊艇用品及配件零售商,批發商: Andrew Chan, Ronsil Development

遊艇俱樂部,會所,培訓組織: Alan Reid, RHKYC

遊艇經紀: Baggy Sartape, Asia Boating

技術服務–維修,安裝: Genevieve Mok, Man Lee Tat

專業,測量,運輸,安全設備服務: Richard Lamble, MSES

媒體,公關: Suzy Rayment, Asia Yacht Press

Items discussed under ‘AOB’ included the provision of funding to purchase a Membership Management / Website / Online Event Management Software programme so that a cloud-based membership management system can be set up to communicate with the membership. The role of an Honorary President was also proposed, and the meeting closed with a discussion on a ‘new’ boat show being organised in November by the Cruise and Yacht Association.

MarDep were invited to the HKBIA meeting. Although they were unable to attend, a message was received wishing “every success to the Association in the future, and we are looking forward to meeting with the Council."

The HKBIA has also received an invitation from YP Loke, head of the Singapore Boating Industry Association, inviting one or more HKBIA members to join a forum discussion to be held during the Singapore Boat Show. Members who will be at the show have indicated they can attend on behalf of the Association and report back.

The meeting adjourned at 8.30pm.

會議上, 申請撥款購買”會籍管理/網頁/網上活動管理軟體”以用作與會員溝通之用,並獲得通過。 會上亦提及邀請名譽會長,此話題留作日後討論。會議結束前,就本年11月由Cruise and Yacht Association舉辦一個新的遊艇展覽,本會對此表關注。


收到YP Loke (head of Singapore Boating Industry Association)邀請HKBIA參加他們在新加坡遊艇展覽會的論壇會議,屆時誰會代表HKBIA出席新加坡遊艇展覽的會員未有定案。


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