ICOMIA comes to Hong Kong / 來到香港

26 Mar 2019 18:37 | The Chair (Administrator)

The Hong Kong Boating Industry Association (Hong Kong BIA) is pleased to welcome the ICOMIA Executive Committee to Hong Kong. The International Council of Marine Industry Associations - ICOMIA - is the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966.ICOMIA brings together national marine industry associations in one global organisation and represents them at an international level, presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the industry.

香港遊艇業協會(HKBIA)很高興歡迎ICOMIA的執行委員會來到香港。國際航海業協會- ICOMIA--是自1966年以來代表全球航海業的國際貿易協會。ICOMIA


Hong Kong’s newly established Hong Kong BIA recently joined ICOMIA and is now one of the 35 national associations across the world that are full members of the organisation. This includes the vast majority of the industrialised countries from North America across to Japan and China and from Finland down to New Zealand.


Hong Kong is considered to be one of Asia’s most mature Pleasure Boating markets, and the establishment of the Hong Kong BIA has brought the industry together to unite members, provide up-to-date information on the industry, and initiate researchon the economic, environmental and social impacts of the marine leisure industry. By working with other related associations, the Hong Kong BIA aims to be a comprehensive voice for the industry when communicating with government departments, and to create professional guidelines and standards aimed at making recreational boating safer and more environmentally friendly.


Hong Kong BIA members will have an opportunity to meet with ICOMIA’s Executive Committee on Thursday 28 March at a special dinner to be held at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Andrea Razeto, President, will lead the 10-ten member team that includes Vice Presidents YP Loke (Asia) and Sara Anghel (Canada) and representatives from the USA, UK, EU and Australia.

HKBIA成員將有機會於328日星期四在皇家香港遊艇會舉行的特別晚宴上與ICOMIA執行委員會面。總裁Andrea Razeto將領導10個成員團隊,其中包括副總裁YP Loke(亞洲)和Sara Anghel(加拿大)以及來自美國,英國,歐盟和澳洲的代表。

With the support of members throughout the world, and in conjunction with the appropriate associations, ICOMIA lobbies international authorities and major organisations, publishes documents and guidelines and produces tools to facilitate the growth of the industry. It is hoped that Asia will play a stronger role in ICOMIA going forward. In a recent report on Asia, ICOMIAstated that “Asia is the main growth area in the world for the leisure marine industry. For the past 30 years most Asian economies have been growing, and in the past ten years the GDP in most countries has increased at an average rate of 5% to 10% per annum, far higher than those of Europe and the USA. As a result, rapidly rising living standards are creating a new middle class in Asia that has a growing disposable income to spend on leisure activities.”


The Hong Kong BIA was created to support and develop leisure marine activities and the leisure marine industry in Hong Kong in a professional, safe and sustainable way that allows everyone to enjoy boating and water sports.


Hong Kong BIA – A new voice for the leisure marine trade in Hong Kong

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